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Beijing is breathtaking in the night as it is in the day

by amit.uniyal 21. March 2014 10:21

Beijing is one of the oldest existing and flourishing cities in the world. A city whose legacy is deeply rooted in its 3,000-year-old history is a beauty in the night as it is by the day. Known for its glorious palaces and magnificent temples, the old and the modern life cohabit in this thriving city of China. However, most people like to explore the city in broad day light. What most of us are unaware about is that Beijing looks as beautiful in the night as it looks during the city and various companies organize night sightseeing tours through the city. Let us probe further to understand what the city holds for its visitors during the dead of the night.

Enjoy your evenings at the Beijing Opera
 While you think where to begin your night tour of the thriving Beijing city, we suggest you start it with a show at the Beijing Opera. Visitors are amazed to find how captivating the shows at the popular Opera are. It offers a complete treat for your eyes and you are left spellbound and speechless after watching the enthralling performances. This is a great way to relish your time out with a friend or family in this beautiful city.

Lose yourself in the labyrinth of lanes
Post sunset the 800-year old labyrinth of narrow lanes in the heart of the city come to life. While you roam around with an open mind, the delicious fragrances of street foods emanating from nearby stall are overpowering. So while you enjoy your peaceful walk in the company of your loved ones exploring the city in lights, you are exposed to a whole new world that takes you by a pleasant surprise.

Soak in the fun at Kung-Fu show
Kung-Fu is a name synonym to this lovely city. It is indeed a great idea to go for an evening show of Kung Fu, the breathtaking art of inherited by the Chinese from time immemorial. A nice way of spending a peaceful evening in the city to book tickets for the show and witness the art at its face value.

Dance to the tunes of music at a popular nightclub
Like any other city around the world, Beijing too shares its love for music and dance. Therefore one of the best ways to unwind after a hectic day in the city is to go clubbing with your gang of friends. The city is home to numerous nightclubs that are a haven for the young and old alike who wish to forget about their worries and just immerse in the beauty of life for a few hours.

Just admire the city like a wanderer
It sometimes is a wise idea to simply forget who you are and behave like a wanderer. However, to spice up the fun you can simply walk around the city with your companion and gaze at its tall skyscrapers that adorn its skylines.

Relish delectable street food
It is not bad at all to sometimes listen to your heart and go binge eating at the numerous food stalls lining the city streets. The streets light up in the evenings with vendors selling delicious munchies like seafood, noodle, and lamb skewers.

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