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Cabo San Lucas Dolphin Tours – A unique experience

by amit.uniyal 25. March 2014 09:31

Have you ever dreamt of swimming with dolphins? If not, then here’s your chance to get a unique and fascinating experience by going on Dolphin tours in Mexican resort destination of Cabo San Lucas. Make your dreams turn into reality by visiting ‘Cabo Dolphins’, which is among the exclusive and renowned dolphin centers in the world. The dolphin tours always remain a top priority for every tourist visiting this famous city in Mexico.

Whether you love swimming or a non-swimmer, the dolphin tours provide you opportunity to get really up close with numerous Pacific Bottlenose dolphins at the dolphin center. You need not worry or fear as all this is done with utmost care, relative safety and comfort with state-of-the-art facilities at your command.

In Cabo San Lucas, you will find Pacific Bottlenose dolphins, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins and other various kinds in abundance in the waters off the coast. The dolphin encounter program here enthralls dolphin lovers of all kinds, including first-timers. The exhilarating encounters with the friendly dolphins are once in a lifetime experience.

The visitors can look forward to many kinds of adventurous, interactive as well as educational experience at the dolphin center. The programs offered at Cabo Dolphins include Dolphin Kids Tour, Dolphin Encounters Tour and Dolphin Swim. These programs provide opportunity to the visitors to know deeply and enhance their knowledge about these amazing creatures.

The visitors at the dolphin center are first given an educational presentation. This is provided on a submerged platform in knee-deep water in s specially created educational pool. This introductory program educates about the environment and physiology of Pacific Bottlenose dolphin. It is beneficial for visitors as it helps in preparing them with the encounters that they are about to get with the dolphins through kisses, hugs and physical touch.

Getting personal with the dolphins here is an amazing experience. Even the dolphins enjoy such interaction with human beings enormously and bemuse the visitors by demonstrating their peculiar characteristic in getting along too well with human beings. This also shows the curiosity dolphins have in knowing about humans just in the same way as we are crazy to know about these marine creatures.
Here’s a brief outlook on the various programs offered at Cabo Dolphins center. The Dolphin Kids Tour is conducted for children aged 4 to 9. This informative program is a great learning experience for the children, while offering fun experience to play with the dolphins. This is a 30 minute program and includes dolphin toy anatomy introduction, dolphin kisses, dolphin fin shakes, belly ride, and close-up poolside interaction.

The Dolphin Swim program is exciting of them all. The program is of 50 minutes. The visitors get full 40 minutes to enjoy with the playful dolphins in the water, while 10 minutes of the program is to educate them about these marine mammals.

The Cabo Dolphins center in Cabo San Lucas indeed offers a thrilling experience and helps visitors get acquainted with these wonderful creatures. It’s a must-visit destination for all dolphin lovers.

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