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Craft beers become new in-flight offerings, enthusing drinkers

by amit.uniyal 3. April 2014 11:11

Airlines worldwide continue to revamp their in-flight offerings in order to attract more passengers. The attention is particularly on food and beverages front. The trends are changing now, and so are food and beverage options. Craft beers are the latest entrant as part of new offerings to the travelers on board their flights.

The airlines have perceived that more drinkers are now displaying their passion for specialty brews and significantly moving away from mass market beers. By adding craft beers as their latest offerings in the air, the airlines are going the extra mile in keeping the drinkers happier and glued to the good stuff on board their flights.

Renowned Sam Adams beer brand co-founder Jim Koch said that the drinkers were though present on the aircrafts, but there was certainly lack of quality beer. He said that the drinkers would like to have the same stuff in the air that they are already enjoying on the ground. The airlines are now moving at a frenetic pace and responding to customers tastes which are considerably changing. He said that the Americans have developed passion for craft beer, and they just love it. The craft beer retail sales are on upward trend reaching at $14.3 billion in 2013, up 20 percent as compared to last year.

Sam Adams craft beer is already being served on some Delta shuttle flights for nearly 20 years. Virgin America has also been offering craft beer procured from 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco for past some years. Following suit, other airlines have also recently started pursuing the trend and offering craft beer to their customers.

The latest to join the fray earlier this year is Southwest Airlines, which started selling Fat Tire cans to the passengers on its flights and those of its subsidiary AirTran Airways. Even JetBlue is also offering Sam Adams beer on its flights during summer.

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