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BA first class fliers to get cozy sleep in Happiness Blanket

by amit.uniyal 8. July 2014 08:45

British Airways wants to leave no stone unturned when it comes to offering extra privileges to its premium customers. This time it’s no exception as well. The airline has decided to move ahead to the next level to make its first class fliers feel more comfortable than ever before.

British Airways

British Airways doesn’t want to see its first class passengers getting a disturbed sleep in any case while on long haul flights. In yet another innovative step, British Airways has developed a blanket which will now be analyzing the “meditative state” of its first class fliers. The airline has designed a “Happiness Blanket” to offer a blissful sleep to its customers. This unique blanket is made of wool and tiny fiber-optic LEDs are implanted in it. The passengers are required to wear a band on their head. The LEDs change color after brainwaves are transmitted through a Bluetooth from this band. When the LEDs color changes to blue then it signals that the passenger is calm, in utmost peace and relaxed during his/her sleep. This also indicates that the passenger is in a deep sleep. However, when the passenger is stressed or getting anxious then the blanket displays crimson color.

The airline however said that the high-tech blanket is currently under trail. Presently, this blanket will not be provided for direct use by the passengers. The airline will instead use the blanket on several volunteers who readily agree to make themselves available for the experiment during transatlantic flights.

British Airways through this trail will be analyzing the data collected from the blankets so that it will be able to make the in-flight experience of its first class customers even better. The airline wants to stay ahead in the race of providing the ultimate service and amenities in its first class cabins, particularly at a time when other airlines are providing posh linens and flat-beds to attract their premium customers.

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