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Airlines worldwide hiring celebrity chefs for gourmet meals

by amit.uniyal 2. September 2014 07:53

It is good food that really matters! Many international airlines are following this dictum seriously and committed to provide best food to their premium customers. The airlines world over are now on a hiring spree trying to take the renowned celebrity chefs on board with the purpose of creating gourmet menus for in-flight meals to be offered to their first class and business class customers.

provide best food to their premium customers

Air France was among the first airline to hire the services of celebrity chefs for preparing in-flight meals. Régis Marcon, a triple Michelin starred chef, has been given the exclusive charge to take care of all the menus ever since April 2014. The French national carrier says that it wants to offer its premium customers with the exclusive French experience by serving delicious gourmet food onboard the flights. The airline believes that this strategy will ultimately pay off and help attract premium fliers to fly with it again and again.

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways recently teamed up with two celebrity chefs – Dean Yasharian, who is presently associated with Hyde Park London, and Uwe Opocensky, who is working at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. Both the chefs have been assigned the duty of creating delectable cuisines, worthy of a fine dining restaurant, for in-flight meals.

Australia’s flagship carrier Qantas Airways is renowned to offer exceptional meal services to its first class and business class customers. The airline’s menu is changed after every 3 months. This is done with the help of celebrity chefs and their staff.

Other prominent carriers such as Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways are known to hold regular consultations with a team of world-famous chefs for creating gourmet meals for their customers. Even Brussels Airlines and Japan Airlines have been seeking the services of top chefs for delicious dishes at par with those provided in the 5-Star restaurants.

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