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Eco-tourism and sightseeing opportunities in Dominican Republic

by amit.uniyal 5. January 2015 04:15

Dominican Republic is a land of myriad natural wonders. It’s the most geographically diverse nation presently in the Caribbean region. The country has plethora of natural attractions such as desert expanses, mangrove swamps, alpine ranges and tropical rainforests. With its excellent eco-tourism and adventure travel options, this popular Caribbean destination has become a hotspot for watersport enthusiasts, trekkers, mountain-bikers and others who love outdoor activities. Apart from nature’s wonders, the country also offers myriad sightseeing opportunities for those interested in art, culture and history. Here are some of the best things that a quintessential visitor would like to see and do in this beautiful place.

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What all to do and see in Dominican Republic

  • Visit the Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo. It’s a must for every tourist who wants to know more about the country’s colonial past. It is home to some important historical buildings in the Americas.
  • Make a visit to the Columbus Lighthouse to see the remains of the legendary explorer Christopher Columbus being kept here and fully preserved under a majestic sarcophagus. This huge cross-shaped monument also plays the role of a world museum.
  • Spend time at the vast Casa de Campo resort, where you can pursue various kinds of activities such as playing golf, riverboat fishing, scuba diving, tennis, shooting and horseback riding. The golf course named “Teeth of the Dog” has received acclaim from worldwide.
  • If you are traveling to the Dominican Republic particularly during the month of February, you will be fortunate to take part in the annual carnival in the city of La Vega. This takes place during the last weekend of the month. This most raucous and colorful carnival in the country attracts more than 100,000 carnivalers on to the city’s streets.

These are only some of the important reasons that become prime attractions for the tourists to visit the Dominican Republic. Do remember to visit this beautiful country to explore the unexplored.

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