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Egypt – Exploring the oldest tourist destination on Earth

by amit.uniyal 9. January 2015 04:43

Egypt is considered to be the oldest destination on Planet Earth. The very name of this country conjures up images of the Pharaohs, Sphinx, the Great Pyramid and mighty River Nile. A visit to this magnificent country is indeed fascinating. The tourists are offered varied attractions. Let’s take a look at all that you can see and do in this beautiful place.

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Major Highlights in Egypt

  • A tour of Egypt will enthrall the visitors with its many attractions. These include the Valley of the Kings, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Sphinx, the Great Pyramid, the Giza Plateau, Temples along River Nile, and many more.
  • visit to Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, offers great sightseeing opportunities. Some of the important attractions in this seething megalopolis include medieval mosques, old-fashioned bazaars, fortified gates, skyscrapers, villas, museums, the pyramids at Dahshur, and the vast necropolis of Saqqara, among others.
  • Explore the Nile Valley. It’s a major tourist attraction. The Theban Necropolis housing the remains of Tutankhamun and other famous pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings is just great to visit.
  • The magnificent temples of Karnak in the town of Luxor are cynosure of all eyes. The southernmost city of Aswan also provides a lovely setting on the River Nile providing a languorous ambience.  
  • The country also has plenty of natural wonders. The Sinai Peninsula with its amazing coral reefs provides excellent snorkeling and diving options.
  • The resort destinations of the Gulf of Aqaba and Sharm el-Sheikh are simply great to visit. They shouldn’t be missed at all costs.

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