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Manila - A Land of Distinct Cultures!

by Richa G 29. May 2013 07:25

Capital of Philippines, Manila city is perched close to Manila Bay’s Eastern shore. It is the second highly populated city of the country. The inhabitants are specially followers of Christians. Many other faiths are followed by the inhabitants. Several national and civic holidays are observed here that reflects the art and culture of the destination.

Feast of the Black Nazarene is one of the events organized here. A life sized statue made up of wood is prayed by the devotees. The statue of Jesus Christ is shown dark skinned. Centuries ago, the statue was brought from Mexico. The statue is now enshrined in Quiapo. Parade and processions are taken out on this day.

Another prestigious event organized here is the Bamboo Organ Festival. It is an International Music Festival where main focus is laid on organ music. This is a week-long festival that takes place at St Joseph’s Church. Bamboo Organ is played during the festival. Sacred music is played by music performers.

A Catholic festival, Flores De Mayo, is also celebrated here. The festival goes on for the whole week. This festival is established in honor of Virgin Mary. Santa Curzan Parade is also taken out where people wear colorful costumes that culminate in Rizal Park.

A popular religious ritual, Subli-an sa Manila is also organized wherein a holy cross is displayed. Traditional dances are performed. Four choral voices accompany indigenous Manila Dance. This event is perfect for witnessing magical dances.

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