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Capacity increases on domestic flights providing more options

by amit.uniyal 9. January 2014 08:52

With more and more domestic airlines increasing their capacities, the passengers are finding themselves quite a happier lot these days. However, the increased capacities are giving them more choices than before, but the biggest question in the U.S. domestic markets remain whether this will bring lower fares as well.

A recent study quoting a travel expert has said that greater capacity certainly makes the passengers happier with far more travel options than before, but this does not necessarily translate to lower fares. The travel expert at the same time said that even though airfares aren’t low, but the increased capacity isn’t going to hurt the passengers.

The tourism industry’s peak season has now entered into a significant phase and many domestic airlines in the U.S. are giving a boost in the capacity. One such airline is South Florida International which has increased the total number of seats for the key tourism months of January through March this year.

This has also been widely welcomed by the hospitality and tourism industry in the region. The capacity increase is providing passengers opportunity to broaden their choices for vacations, but the fares are not much cheaper. And, this isn’t hurting them in any way. The travel experts said that with greater choices available now the customers are feeling more than happy as they will now be able to spend their vacations in newer destinations. According to travel experts, the new or returning service and bigger aircrafts are playing a major role in the local capacity increase.

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