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How to make out the most of long haul flights

by amit.uniyal 4. April 2014 05:35

Long haul flights are wearisome. But there are various ways in which you can make your travel enjoyable by adhering to the following valuable tips. Just imagine the toll your long haul flights can take if you are traveling to Johannesburg from Atlanta or any other U.S. city. Do you know it will take around 15 to 19 hours for a nonstop flight to reach the South African city from any U.S. destination?

Don’t worry. You can always make your long haul flight hassle free only when you consider some of the important tips being provided here for your benefit. The first thought that comes to a traveler’s mind when booking long haul flights is about the jet lag. This can be overcome by keeping yourself comfortable in every possible way.

The first thing you should do is to wear comfortable clothes when flying long distance. If your flight involves a travel time of nearly 19 hours, then you must acknowledge the fact that you will be boarding the aircraft which involves several meals as well as one sleep cycle at least. It is therefore advisable to wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes. Remember to pack in pajamas as you can use them before taking a nap. There are only few airlines that provide their passengers a comfort kit comprising of pillow, blanket, nightwear and slippers in business class cabins, while most of them don’t offer such kits. So, it is recommended that you carry pajamas for your comfortable sleep.

For smokers, the very idea of traveling on a long haul flight makes them jittery. The simple reason being that you won’t be allowed to light your cigarette. Obviously, you feel agitated. The best way before booking a long haul flight for such travelers is to talk to your doctor and seek suggestions on how to handle the trip. It is highly recommended that you take the help of electronic cigarettes, nicotine gum or a nicotine patch to satisfy your urge for smoking on board your flight.

Staying healthy is also quite important to fight your long haul flights blues. Remember that aircraft cabins are dry. So it is essential to keep yourself healthy during the entire course of your flight. This can be done by continuous intake of water and other beverages throughout the flight. Apart from this, it is vital to take care of your skin as well. Consider applying moisturizing lotion or cream to your face and hands.

A little exercise on board your aircraft would also work wonders in fighting off jet lag. A full cardio exercise in not possible in the aisle, so you must make sure to walk around after every hour or so. When you are seated, you should ensure that your blood keeps circulating. This can be done by simply lifting your legs and arms.

There are many ways other than these to keep your long haul flights smooth and comfortable as far as possible.

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