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Things worth considering to prepare well for a long haul flight

by amit.uniyal 17. April 2015 07:14

Are you planning a long haul travel that will involve 8 hours and more? The very idea of a long haul air travel sends jitters down the spines because of the long, strenuous hours involved in the journey. But, you shouldn’t worry at all as your travel might even become luxurious and comfortable. For this you just need to consider some of the important things that would help you prepare well for your travel. You need to prepare for your comfort and entertainment. You should take all the steps required to stay healthy and fit on board the aircraft. Let us now discuss in detail these important things so that you are better equipped to handle a long haul air travel.

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How to make your travel comfortable
Clothes play a significant role in making your travel comfortable. The clothes that you wear may either add to your comfort or make you weary. Wearing tight, stiff or itchy clothes should be strictly avoided. If you do so then you will have to regret it later on. Don’t wear synthetic materials as well. The best thing is to wear loose fitting clothes that can be quite easily cleaned. You should also avoid wearing jewelry as it might pose hurdles at security checkpoints or attract attention of unwanted elements.
Some of the essential items that you should always remember to carry along with you during a long haul flight are sanitary wipes, eye mask and noise cancelling headphones or ear plugs. Sanitary wipes are important for keeping your hands and face clean. These can also be used to clean up your tray table as well. Carrying eye mask is always good. There are some airlines that provide eye masks, but there are some that don’t offer these. You will require them during the time of sleeping on an overnight flight. These provide extra protection for your eyes and help you doze off well. Similarly, ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones have their own utility. This will help you drown out the sounds on the aircraft while seek to take rest.

Carrying along with you toothpaste and toothbrush also helps. This is particularly important for all those who are in the habit of brushing their teeth after their meals or before going to sleep. Also do remember to bring some gum for keeping your teeth fresh. Chewing gum not only helps in refreshing your breath, but also helps avoid having your ears pop because of rapid change in pressure during takeoff or landing.

Keep fit and healthy while on board the flight
Staying healthy and fit on board the flight should be everybody’s concern. For this you need to take some precautions and heed to some valuable advice given here. Do remember to bring healthy snacks. This is essential for you to curb your hunger pangs in between the meals on your flight. Snacks not only satiate your hunger but also boost your energy as well. Some of the snacks that you should carry include dried mango or bananas, pretzels, yogurt-covered raisins, granola bar, trail mix, apples, and pistachios, cashews or almonds. Another way to keep fit is always keeping hydrated by drinking a lot of water. You should buy a bottle of water near the terminal before boarding the flight. Water is also available on the flight and you can simple press the call button and ask the stewardess for it.
Necessary medications are a vital part of your long haul flight preparation. Bring eye drops along with you. This will help your eyes being prevented from drying out during the flight. The container of eye drops should be small enough to pass through the security check easily. Keep yourself active on the flight. This is important to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) from taking place. Try to walk down the aisles, and move, flex and stretch your legs to keep your blood flowing. You must carry medicines that you just might require such as sleep aids, pain relief pills and anti-nausea medication.

Keep entertained with personal entertainment devices

A long haul flight might be boring. So what do you do to keep yourself entertained? Your personal electronic gadgets will help you out. Decide on the entertainment devices you want to carry along with you. You may consider bringing your iPod, Tablet, Smartphone, eReader or even a laptop. If you love reading then you should think about bringing a book, novel or magazine. Though there are many airlines that offer complimentary in-flight entertainment, but if you carry your own gadgets then these always help.

With all these valuable suggestions, you now know that long haul flight won’t be tiresome or boring at all. So, do remember to prepare well before taking a long haul air travel.

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