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Ryan Air cuts baggage fee as part of New Year’s gift to customers

by amit.uniyal 6. January 2014 08:33

Ryan Air, the low cost carrier of Ireland surprised its customers with a pleasant announcement. The no-frills Irish airline said that it intends to cut down on the fees imposed on checked-in baggage. This news has left all astonished but for a good reason this time around.

The airline is known for its strategies that do not favor the customers. However, it has moved on against all odds and established itself in the budget-carrier league. The latest announcement is looked upon as a New Year’s gift from the airline, which is desperately seeking an image makeover for its own good. In the past, it has faced criticism from passengers for its staunch policies that hardly favor their interests. Over the years, Ryan Air has come across as an airline that is solely interested in business sans the welfare and comfort of its passengers. Now, it may want to get rid of the same!

As per the shocking announcement, obviously no one expected it make one of this kinds, it has cut down the standard airport baggage fee to £30 from £60, for the ones using the bag drop desk and £50 from £60 for the ones checking in at the boarding gate. It wants to maintain its position against the rival airlines. It however, would be interesting to see as to how long it is able to sustain on its newly evolved philosophy. After all, it is a business concern and needs sufficient funds to keep operating smoothly!

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